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North Frog Hollow NRZ Strategic Plan


Plan Addendum
Revitalization Planning Committee
Table of Contents**
Map of Boundaries*
Map of Historic Districts*
Our Neighborhood**
Existing Land Use*
Map of Generalized Zoning*
Census Tracts*
Current Development Initiatives**
Implementation Actions**
Implementation Targets**
Implementation Matrix 2002-2004**


  1. Summary of Reports and Studies for the General Frog Hollow Neighborhood**
  2. Municipal Resolution Establishing Neighborhood  Revitalization Zones
  3. North Frog Hollow Neighborhood Revitalization Committee Bylaws and Revitalization Committee Membership List**
  4. Economic Opportunities Study** (19 page document w/images - 2.4 mb)
  5. Resources**
  6. Notice of Adoption of Bylaws
  7. Notice of Public Hearing
  8. Minutes of Public Hearing
* PDF file, requires Adobe Acrobat Reader.
** MS Word DOC file, requires MS Word


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