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Posted Comments

Comment #1 9/29/2006
People are drawn to water, river and beaches. Since we have been developing the Riverfront area and neighboring parks, what we need is a large fountain that people can frolic in, take pictures around it and be a vocal point to the entrance of a extended pier out into the river.

This pier would be particially covered, have swings, benches and stationary binoculars to view the landscape, boats or birds.  People will be able to walk, fish, relax and swing any time of the year.  This concept is very similar to what Charleston, SC has at the end of their historic district.

Love to see this happen, big time.
The Hartford 2010 Project Team: Thank you for your idea.  It certainly sounds like something that we could all support.

We will incorporate your idea into our master list.  In addition we will forward your idea to Riverfront Recapture which has the main planning responsibility for our riverfront.
Comment #2 7/20/2006
Good site.  I heard about this on the radio.  One major problem in the city: feral meter maids.  For example, Buck a Book, formerly just south of hte old State House, got deliveries 3 times per week.  Each time, their truck got ticketed- $50 per.  That's $150 per week, $615 increase in their costs every month.  This city is so shortsighted; they employed a number of city residents.  This was a factor in the company deciding to shut it down.
Roger J. O'Brien, Director of Planning, City of Hartford: Thank you for taking the time to comment.   I have forwarded your comments to the Hartford Parking Authority.

The issue of parking as well as loading and unloading zones is one we are aware of.  Thank you again for providing a specific example.
Comment #3 7/13/2006
I had an opportunity to attend the presentation at Mt. Sinai yesterday and I was really impressed with both the quality and the potential do-ability of the emerging themes.  I absolutely applaud the focus on neighborhood commercial development and am thrilled with the prospect of the greenways. I have one question...is Hartford 2010 connected yet with the Trust for Public Land folks that the mayor has brought in to assess the Parks asset?  It seems that this would be a natural and timely connection with your work.  Greenways that link seamlessly to and through the parks and to commercial areas and neighborhoods would be a huge plus in re-creating Hartford as a location of choice, both for businesses and for residents. Thanks for a great start!
Roger J. O'Brien, Director of Planning, City of Hartford: Thank you for your comments and for attending the meeting.

The Planning Department with City Chief Operating Officer Lee Erdmann will be coordinating the work of the Trust for Public Lands with the work of 2010.
Comment #4 7/13/2006
Iam a pedestrian who uses downtown all the time

how are you makeing it easier for me to catch the 2 bus's I use haft the year 

going home mean I have to jaywalk just to catch my bus home the walk light are too slow or the bus is too fast maybe that raised walkway can be extended diangly toward the gold building

now I don't know much about these renewal projects ,but was kinda thinking that you could put shops on the raise level conected to the buildings downtown and connect them to the convention center its can't be that hard cause that just parkinglot thats only three bridges  and it would look cool

this just my two cents
sorry for bothering you
Roger J. O'Brien, Director of Planning, City of Hartford: Thank you for taking the time to comment. We appreciate receiving your
Comment #5 7/12/2006
I'm a local artist trying to rehab a building in downtown Hartford. It's been quite a learning experience. My living is provided by my hands in an age where mass marketing at low expense is the norm. As one of many artists living in Hartford, I would like to see Hartford 2010 use us as a resource to suppliment your vision. Have a few meetings where the Arts Community, specifically, are encouraged to attend and discuss your concepts. You may glean some gems from this greatly untapped resource.

I enjoyed the meeting yesterday and the vision you are holding for Hartford's future.

Personally, I would like to see some thought given to including Urban Agriculture as a component of Hartford's future. That is, high-density Hydroponic gardens where some amount of healthy produce can be grown within city limits (or on the River) year round. As an agricultural state I would like to see Connecticut's capital city be a leader in the future where cities will be held somewhat responsible to provide more resources for their inhabitants.

Thanks for your hard work.
Roger J. O'Brien, Director of Planning, City of Hartford: Thank you for attending and sharing your ideas. Please continue to share your ideas with us.
Comment #6 7/12/2006
I am a Hartford resident. I attended Ken Greenberg's presenation last night (7/11), and I wanted to say that I think the goals of the plan are right on target. I am very excited about what the 2010 plan can accomplish.

Of particular concern to me in the city of Hartford is the huge number and size of surface parking lots downtown. This was touched on in Mr. Greenberg's presentation. The surface parking lots, in my opinion, have the affect of making the city look like it was devastated in a war. This is our downtown, where there should be life -- not wasteland.

I see great potential in developing the parking lot spaces. There are three things I'd love to see in their place:

1. Mixed use buildings, which include affordable rental properties. There are a lot of luxury apartments going up downtown but imagine what a cool, diverse population of folks we could get to live downtown if we made some new apartments that more people could afford.
2. Public art, like murals and sculptures.
3. A public market.

And now, a few questions: Is the removal of the surface parking lots a priority for the city and for the 2010 plan? Has the idea of a public market been discussed? And is there a way for residents to get involved in the 2010 plan (aside from attending meetings like those yesterday)? I would love to be able to sit on a committee, attend planning meetings, etc.

If possible, please respond to my questions by e-mail or phone.
Roger J. O'Brien, Director of Planning, City of Hartford: Thank you for sharing your ideas.  As we move to specific issues and
details we will continue to explore how to further involve the public.
Comment #7 6/28/2006
I've noticed a complete lack of development or inclusion of Wethersfield Ave. It is a main conduit of traffic in and out of Hartford. I strongly recommend that some care be taken in evaluated its needs.
The Hartford 2010 Project Team: Thank you for your comment.

We agree that Wethersfield Ave is an important artery and will consider this as we move forward.  We appreciate your comment.


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