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People and Demographics
Total Population: 6,914
Under 18: 2,024
65 and Over: 692
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Families and Households
Single Householder with Children: 856+/-173
College Graduates: 3.9%+/-6.1%
Completed High School: 63.5%+/-5.3%
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Employment and Income
Median Household Income: $26,287+/-$11,103
Families not in Poverty: 39.1%+/-11.1%
Labor Force Participation, 18-65: 28.2%+/-8.0%
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Total Housing Units: 2,996
Total Rental Units: 2,169+/-198
Owner Occupied Housing Units: 460+/-119
Structures Built Before 1950: 51.0+/-6.7%
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Public Safety and Crime
Violent Crimes: 171
Crimes Against Property: 247
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Commute Time: 23+/-5
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The Neighborhood listed below covers all or some of the same geographic area as the Upper Albany NRZ:
Upper Albany
Upper Albany

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