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Heaven in Hartford

Heaven in Hartford is the effort to build a world-class concrete skateboard/bmx park, along with outdoor graffiti walls and space for breaking and other expressions of urban culture.

To date, a task force of the Hartford City Council has been meeting regularly and working on identifying sources for funding, how much will need to be raised, and potential contractors to work with. Keep an eye on this site for regular updates, opportunities to help raise funds, special event announcements, and other ways to get involved.

The Hartford Skateboarding Task Force was empanelled in winter 2009 by the Hartford Court of Common Council to explore the viability of a formal skatepark in the City. In April 2010, The Task Force recommended that a skatepark should be built at the City's de facto skatepark, "Heaven", New Ross, County Wexford Park atop I-84. The Council accepted these recommendations and since then the Task Force has been exploring funding opportunities as well as creating design recommendations.

The link below is the website/blog of Hartford's skate Park, Heaven in Hartford.

Click here for the website.

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