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City of Hartford Recommended Budget 2009 - 2010

The City of Hartford Recommended Budget for 2009 to 2010 is presented below in sections. Please note that some sections are still large, and may take some time to open. For convenience sake, we show the files size. Also, the Capital Budget is formatted for printing on 11" x 17" paper.

Cover/Table of Contents (0.5 MB)

Organizational Chart (0.2 MB)

Budget Message (0.4 MB)

Strategic Plan (1 MB)

Expenditure and Revenue Forecast (0.3 MB)

Budget Summary (0.5 MB)

Revenue Estimates (1.2 MB)

Expenditure Estimates (How to read the Expenditure Section) (0.3 MB)

General Government, Appointed and Elected (2.6 MB)

General Government, Administrative Services (4.6 MB)

Public Safety (3.4 MB)

Public Works (1.1 MB)

Development Services (1.2 MB)

Health and Human Services (1.3 MB)

Sundry (1.6 MB)

Education (0.3 MB)

Library (0.4 MB)

Capital Budget (2.8 MB)

Legal Documents (1.1 MB)

Budget Policies (0.6 MB)

General Information (2.1 MB)

Acknowledgements (0.2 MB)

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