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Men Announce Domestic Violence Initiative


September 23, 2009

HARTFORD — - Some 30 prominent men from businesses, television news, law enforcement and several other agencies in Connecticut gathered at the Legislative Office Building Tuesday to announce a new initiative in the battle against domestic violence.

The men pledged to help Interval House, a nonprofit, domestic violence intervention and prevention program, combat the crime by raising money and helping to educate children and families.

"Domestic violence is a cycle that can stop if we provide the leadership. I truly believe that men can make a difference. We're coming to learn, listen and lend a hand, but also to lead," Attorney General Richard Blumenthal said.

Blumenthal is chairman of Interval House's Men Against Domestic Violence Campaign: "Men Make a Difference." They have been recruiting men to join their effort since July.

One way of breaking the cycle is awareness, Blumenthal said, and several television news operations have vowed to help with education and outreach. Brad Drazen, a news anchor for WVIT, Channel 30, is planning to do public service announcements with Blumenthal.

Richard Graziano, publisher of The Courant and general manager of WTIC, Fox 61, and WTXX-TV, spoke of how domestic violence hit home with the loss of his executive assistant, Alice Morrin, in June. She was slain by her husband, who then killed himself.

He also spoke about "Battered Lives," a yearlong project between The Courant and Fox 61 to examine domestic violence.

"It's not just about the Hartford Courant and Fox 61. It's about combining our power, the power of local media," Graziano said.

Hartford Police Chief Daryl Roberts cited statistics on rising aggravated assaults in the city and how 32 percent of those are related to domestic violence.

"It affects our entire community," he said. "It's important that we feel safe in our own home. As men, we are protectors, and we should protect our home. We should not assault our companions and people that we love. It's important that we, as men, take a stand against all violence, but especially domestic violence."

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