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Arciniegas Joins The Ranks Of School Board Candidates

By Steve Goode

October 05, 2009

Parents in the city know Milly Arciniegas as their Number One advocate in her role as president of the Hartford Parents Organization, a coalition of school PTOs.

Now she's hoping to add another venue from which to champion for city kids, parents and schools. Arciniegas has joined the endorsed slate of Parents Choice party candidates, replacing Harry Colon.

Arciniegas, who unsuccesfully ran for city council a few years ago and helped create the Parents Choice party, said she offered to step in when Colon realized just how much time he would need to commit to being a school board member for the next four years if he won.

"I have the time and flexibility," Arciniegas said, adding that she plans to continue on in her capacity as president of the HPO at least until November, when she comes up for reelection.

She'll be listed on the ballot under her first name, Lillian, then Milly.

Her fellow candidates are Mary R. Storey and Cherylann Perry.

The Democratic candidates are Lori L. Hudson, Luis Rodriguez Davila and Albert Barrueco.

The Republican candidates are Nyesha McCauley, Richard Barton and Michael J. Fryar.

The Working Families candidates are Elizabeth Brad Noel, Robert Cotto, Jr. and Sharon Patterson Stalling.

Ines Duke Pegeas is a petitioning candidate.

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