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Hartford Schools Surplus Almost Enough To Buy A Cup Of Coffee

By Steve Goode

August 24, 2009

One buck.

That's the city's school surplus as of June 30, the end of the fiscal year, according to Paula Altieri, the district's chief financial officer.

Altieri, who presented the year end numbers to the board of education earlier this week, joked that it was almost enough to buy a cup of coffee. Almost.

Altieri and others charged with closing a significant budget deficit as the year drew to a close came through in a pinch, closing a $5 million gap created in large part by increased transportation and tuition costs related to special education and interdistrict magnet students.

Altieri told the school board that the district realized more than $4.8 million in savings as a result of a freeze on non-salary accounts including supplies and equipment. Another nearly $200,000 was saved on salaries, she said.

Schools spokesman David Medina has estimated that the district may have to make up another $21 million this year as the district has been flat-funded by Gov. M. Jodi Rell and costs are still on the rise.

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