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School Board Begins Trimming $3 Million

By Hartford Courant

June 03, 2009

The board of education got started on identifying places to trim the $3 million cut by the city council Sunday from its budget with a discussion about the possible targets at a workshop last night at Moylan Elementary School.

Superintendent Steven Adamowkski laid out several possibilities for the school board, including deferring opening of the district's Young Men's Leadership Academy; cutting $3 million in funding to the city's schools across the board; rescinding a previous $3 million allocation to its contingency fund; and going to the employees unions to seek concessions.

Adamowski's recommendation to the board included delaying the opening of the leadership academy until suitable sites could be found for both a boys and a girls school, for a savings of about $1 million; and allocating another $2 million in budget cuts across the district, which would be split 70/30 between the schools and the central office.

His other recommendation was to rescind the $3 million allocation to the contingency fund.

The board is expected to take up the matter again at its next meeting, scheduled for June 16.

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