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Raining Yet?

By Jodie Mozdzer

April 14, 2009

Community members came out in droves last week to press Superintendent Steven J. Adamowski on several concerns they had about Weaver High School.

Now, Adamowski is making some promises - and they extend beyond Weaver's walls.

Click below to see where Adamowski wants the district to spend part of his requested rainy day fund.

Here's the breakdown:

$300,000: Add two full-time and two part-time guidance counselors to four Hartford high schools - Bulkeley, Hartford Public, the new High School Inc., and the new Journalism and Media Academy at Weaver.

$900,000: Renovate a portion of Weaver High School to house the Journalism and Media Academy next year. The upgrades would include restoring the existing television and radio station. "We have to invest in Weaver in the same way that we have invested in other schools," Adamowski said in a statement about the proposal.

$1.8 million: Pay for "early intervention" programs for students who need extra help with reading, as identified in the annual reading assessment.

That totals $3 million - which is half of the contingency fund that Adamowski proposed in his budget, which is still being reviewed by the board of education.

Adamowski and the board will talk about the proposal, and federal stimulus funds, at a special meeting Wednesday night.

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