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Stackpole, Moore & Tryon And Tuesdays - A Perfect Marriage

By Andy Hart

July 18, 2013

Once there were two clothing shops that were a few blocks apart, shared customers and good names in downtown Hartford. Well, everything changes and today, both shops are one: Stackpole, Moore and Tryon and Tuesdays, together at the corner of Pratt and Trumbull streets, right across from the XL Center.

Combined customers come from all over the world, with the bulk of the business in a 75 mile radius. In fact, 30% of the trade comes out of the 29 towns considered Greater Hartford.

With a diverse clientele, the two shops in one have a business base that is 40% women, even as Stackpole expands into men's formal wear. This addition (perfect for the growing wedding businesses downtown) is a symbol of the ever-changing nature of retail. Since Tuesdays was founded in the 1970's as a 'with it' up to date shop and Stackpole's is famous for more traditional styles, the shop truly does have something for everyone. Today, stroll down Pratt to peruse the bargains at Off the Rack, at 45 Pratt Street, with special items from the main store culled for the dollar conscience customer.

Proud of its history excited about its future, Stackpole, Moore and Tryon and Tuesdays extol downtown Hartford as a destination for many things, especially fine clothing.

Reprinted with permission of the The Hartford News.
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