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Developer: Front Street Finally At Tipping Point


June 26, 2013

A casual, mid-priced family restaurant may soon join the growing roster of tenants at Hartford's Front Street entertainment district, which includes a live music venue and an upscale steakhouse under construction

Developer HB Nitkin Group is close to a deal with the restaurant, which would lease space on the same side of the development as a movie theater, now open for six months, Nitkin's director of development Peter Christian said Tuesday.

Christian declined to name the restaurant, but if a lease is finalized, the venue would occupy about 4,500 square feet. The lease would reduce the space left to lease to about 20,000 square feet, down from the original 60,000 square feet.

"In the last six months, interest has picked up because of the construction activity," Christian said. "Front Street is finally after a long period of time at the tipping point."

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