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Hartford Gets $10 Million Grant For Transportation Improvements


June 21, 2012

HARTFORD —— The city was awarded a $10 million federal grant this week to improve public transportation in the region and to reduce the reliance on automobiles.

The first area that will be improved upon is Union Station, where $3.44 million is expected to be spent to enhance and renovate the station, including incorporating signal and lane work for busways, new pedestrian signs and maps and enhanced roadway and pedestrian lighting.

Bushnell Park North renovations will narrow and restripe Ford, Jewell and Gold streets, widen sidewalks and enhance pedestrian crosswalks with a completely green infrastructure that will be designed "to elegantly transition from park to city, and set a national example in sustainable practices," according to the grant application. A total of $2.95 million is projected to be spent on this work.

Two of the major roads in Hartford, Asylum and Pearl streets, will be improved with bus lane repaving, pedestrian crosswalks and bus stops, including shelters, lighting, maps and schedules. This is expected to cost around $6.45 million.

Main Street will also receive roadway restriping, special bus lane treatment and enhanced pedestrian crosswalks with signs and maps. Approximately $5.2 million of the "TIGER IV" grant will be spent on Main Street.

Hartford's proposal for funding was coordinated as part of the city's One City, One Plan, the Intermodal Triangle Project and the "iQuilt" project. One City, One Plan focuses on job creation for Hartford and the region overall, while the Intermodal Triangle Project looks to form a link between Union Station and Main Street. The iQuilt project looks to emphasize downtown Hartford's historical and cultural attractions.

The areas that encompass the Intermodal Triangle Project start at Union Station, runs along the outside of Bushnell Park to Main Street and connects back with Union station down Asylum and Pearl streets.

"Our TIGER IV application was comprehensive, detailed, and will dramatically impact future development in Hartford, which is the region's economic and employment core, in several positive and lasting ways," said Mayor Pedro. E. Segarra in a statement.

The TIGER IV Grant application was sent to Secretary of Transportation Ray LaHood for approval.

A spokesman for U.S. Rep.John B. Larson, Chris Licata, said that federally funded grants are difficult to obtain—a testament to the hard work the city has put into the application.

"Cities and states all over the country fight over these grants," said Licata. "We all went to bat on behalf of the city of Hartford."

According to the TIGER IV Grant application, "Construction activities are scheduled to commence in May 2013 with a completion date of April 2014."

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