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Local Food Stores Join Health Initiative

May 9-16, 2007
By The Hartford News

Hartford has only one major supermarket, the Super Stop & Shop on New Park Avenue. As a result, many city residents buy all or at least some of their groceries from one of the many small food stores which dot Hartford’s neighborhoods.

The Hartford Food System is partnering with these smaller retailers to improve the nutritional quality of groceries that are sold at their stores. Through the Healthy Food Retailer initiative, stores receive promotional assistance and support from city-administered programs in return for shifting a portion of their shelf space from “junk food” to normal groceries.

25 stores have joined this project since April 2006 and are making excellent progress in offering a healthier selection of food choices. Look for the Healthy Food Retailer sticker on the doors of these local establishments:

  • Boricua Market
  • Brito Grocery
  • Charter Oak Supermarket
  • Ciales Grocery
  • El Coqui Market
  • Cristal 2 Food Market
  • Cubanos Mitos
  • Dimauro's Market
  • La Familia Grocery
  • Five Corner Market
  • Flatbush Market
  • El Gitano Supermarket
  • Glorimar Grocery
  • Hernandez Market
  • Hot Corner Market
  • El Kiosko Deli & Grocery
  • Los Primos Market
  • Martinez Mini Market
  • People's Market
  • Ramon Market
  • Romny Market
  • Rumaldo’s Grocery
  • Shop Fair Supermarket,
  • Williams Grocery
  • Y2K Supermarket
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