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Supportive Housing:  The Connecticut Collaboration

This document was adapted from a Connecticut Housing Finance Authority presentation, and explains the stages of supportive housing development in CT - Demonstration, Pilots, Next Steps -including financing sources and project examples. This was used by Connecticut's presenters at a workshop at the National Alliance to End Homelessness 2007 Conference. (PDF document, 39 pages). Click here for the document.

Map of Connecticut Supportive Housing

A map from Google maps showing the location of supportive housing in Connecticut. Adapted from the Corporation for Supportive Housing's (CSH) Directory of Permanent Supportive Housing. Some supportive housing locations are scattered site models - in those cases, the map pinpoints only one location.Click here to access the map.  

Connecticut Supportive Housing directory is available at:  http://www.csh.org/snep/housingdir/

Guide for Expanding Supportive Housing in Connecticut

The guide was released by the Reaching Home Campaign with the launch of the Campaign to End Long-term Homelessness in Connecticut. The guide explains the extent of the need in Connecticut, how supportive housing works, funding strategies, how to take action, and more. (PDF document, 53 pages). Click here for the document.

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