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Hartford Voting Districts 2012

Every ten years, the boundaries of Connecticut's House, Senate, and Congressional districts are adjusted based upon population changes reflected in the U.S. Census. These changes have resulted in the need to reconfigure the city's voting districts.

This is an 11 x 17 color map effective 1/1/2012.  Please note: To print, one must set-up your computer to print using the by-pass function and 11x17 paper. Also, to print multiple copies of this, you need to use the printer function of the computer.  Photocopying on a copier to make multiple copies as this will result in poor printing quality.

Click here to view the 11 x 17 map.

To see a list of the new polling places and their addresses, click here.

To see a street list with associated polling places, click here.


| Last update: September 25, 2012 |
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